Timothy C.K. Chou

Alchemist Accelerator


Tim has been lucky enough to have a career spanning academia, successful (and not so successful) startups and large corporations. He was one of only six people to ever hold the President title at Oracle. As President of Oracle On Demand he grew the cloud business from it’s very beginning. Today the Oracle cloud business is over $2B. He wrote about the move of applications to the cloud in 2004 in his first book, The End of Software. Today he serves on the board of Blackbaud (BLKB), a leading application cloud service company.

After earning his PhD in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois he went to work for one of the original Silicon Valley startups. Had he understood stock options he would have joined earlier. He’s invested in and been a contributor to a number of other startups, some you’ve heard of like WebEx, and others you’ve never heard of but were sold to companies like Cisco and Oracle. Today he is focused on several new ventures in applications, middleware, machine learning and security for the Internet of Things both as an investor and the Chairman of the Alchemist Accelerator.

Finally, he was lucky enough to be able to start teaching at Stanford University in 1982. He taught introductory computer architecture for fifteen years and only stopped because one day he had to fly to Bali, do a sales kickoff and fly back in 24 hours to teach class. Since leaving Oracle he launched Stanford’s first course on cloud computing. He also has delivered keynote speeches on six continents and recently published a new book entitled: Precision: Principals, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things.


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