Pablos Holman

Intellectual Ventures Lab


Pablos is a notorious hacker, inventor and technology futurist. At the Intellectual Ventures Lab, he has worked on a brain surgery tool, a machine to suppress hurricanes, a self sterilizing elevator button, a cure for cancer and 3D food printers. Pablos has a unique ability to articulate practical visions for the future of technology. He has contributed to visions for the future of urban transportation, entertainment, education, health care, food delivery, sensor networks, payment systems & cloud computing. Previously, Pablos helped build spaceships; the world's smallest PC; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a robot that can steal passwords on a Wi-Fi network.Pablos is often invited to speak at conferences about invention, hacking, technology and The Intellectual Ventures Lab. Recently, he has spoken at Stanford, the United Nations Headquarters, EG, and the World Economic Forum at Davos.Pablos is a computer hacker with no formal education.


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