Conference Tracks


Are you working to make your manufacturing operations safer and more efficient, manage resources and assets better, and leverage data, but concerned about the cost of IoT initiatives, interoperability, data privacy, security, impact on machine performance, and your own organization’s readiness?

This track provides real-world case studies from the factory floor with actionable takeaways, advice on overcoming these concerns, managing the tradeoffs inherent in any new tech initiatives, and insights on how you can leverage the opportunities created by the Internet of Things and propel your factory into the future. Click here to view the sessions in the track. 


Are you looking to improve your building’s operational and energy efficiency, but coping with a variety of standalone systems and technologies that present real challenges to achieving secure and scalable energy management and monitoring of critical building operations?

This track offers real-world advice and insight on how to leverage low-cost sensors for better investment decisions, exploit robust communications platforms to make power flow control decisions, and integrate your existing infrastructure with new IoT systems and strategies so that you spend less time managing building systems and more time managing building performance. Click here to view the sessions in this track. 


IoT design space has a broad set of requirements with respect to functionality, cost, power, and physical dimensions.

In this track, engineers will get insights and advice on how to manage the giant hairball of decisions and trade-offs in IoT systems design, best practices for using design engineering software and integrated platforms and solutions, and strategies for taking their designs from concept to commercialization faster and more effectively.  Click here the view the sessions in this track.


This track is targeted at anyone involved in IoT implementations who is concerned with IoT security and data privacy. Security experts with experience in the private and public sector identifying new threats and classes of attacks, identifying security vulnerabilities, and knowledgeable in the latest best practices around security will present a combination of workshops and talks designed to help you get a handle on the security risks and steps you can take to protect your data and systems.  Click here to view the sessions in this track


Click here to view the sessions in this track